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An administration tool for SQL databases

Current version: alpha 0.4. Lots of bugs still.

SequelJoe is inspired by the excellent SequelPro, but runs on Linux and Windows.

SequelJoe is written in C++/Qt and currently supports MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Sqlite

SequelJoe is GPLv3 licensed.

How do I get SequelJoe?

Binaries for windows are packaged and attached to the github release but may be out of date:

For Arch Linux, SequelJoe is available from the AUR:

$ yaourt -S sequeljoe
To install from source:
$ # first install development libraries for qt5, libssh2, libmariadb, libsqlite
$ git clone
$ mkdir -p path/to/build && cd path/to/build
$ cmake path/to/source -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ make
$ sudo make install

I found a bug / I want to request a feature
Contact me through github. Or, fork sequeljoe and send me a pull request